"February is Pet Dental Hygiene Month!"

Ask us for the best way to keep your dog or cat's teeth clean and healthy!

Nutrition Center

Feeding your pet a wholesome, nutritious and all natural diet (dog food or cat food) is our primary focus at Wag Natural Pet Market in Tampa.  Good health begins with what goes in the body and proper canine and feline condition.

Dog Grooming

Wag offers two ways for your dog to get clean! The first is our professional grooming service and the second is our self-service dog wash . Our professional grooming service pampers your pup while you relax and the self serve wash is a fast and convenient way to bathe and bond with your dog.  Select from our various self-wash or grooming packages.  You have all the fun, we take care of the mess!

Canine Training School

Our dog training programs were founded with the purpose of providing our clients the education, hands on experience and confidence to help our canine friends become a friendly, happy and integrated member of the family and community.

Wag TV