Canine Training School

Our dog training programs were founded with the purpose of providing our clients the education, hands on experience and confidence to help our canine friends become a friendly, happy and integrated member of the family and community.

The Canine School staff, in coordination with Canine Conditioning Company is composed of experienced personnel that will assist you in teaching both your canine and yourself the art and skills of successful training.  The Wag School of Canine Etiquette has been providing training in Tampa for over 7 years and have trained countless canine companions.


Puppy KindergartenDog-Training-Student -one
Week 1: Orientation, Socialization & Name Call
Week 2: Sit & Down
Week 3: Loose Leash Walking & Puppy Push Ups
Week 4: No Jumping and Stay
Week 5: Pass the puppy & Come
Week 6: Drop It/Leave It & Graduation

Basic Etiquette
Week 1: Orientation, Attention & Sit
Week 2: Down & Heeldog-training-tampa-student-two
Week 3: Greeting & Stay
Week 4: Come
Week 5: Leave It & Stand
Week 6: Final Exam and Graduation

Adult Advance
Week 1: Problem Solving, Wait, Sit & Down on flexi lead plus strict heeling
Week 2: Stand/Stay, Wait & Come
Week 3: Adv Come w/distractions & Obedience Game
Week 4: Moving Wait
Week 5: Distractions w/ Stand, Stay, Wait & Come
Week 6: Find It game, Final Exam & Graduation

Call (813) 258-9181 for enrollment