Got Odor? Get Fizzion the Pet Odor Remover

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Got Odor? Get Fizzion the Pet Odor Remover

Over the last few months we have received countless requests from Wag clients for a product that not only

removes Pet Stains but Fizzion Pet Odor Remover at Wag Natural Pet Marketpermanently removes Pet Odor.

After much searching and many trials,  we believe we have found the right product.  Fizzion is a concentrated cleaner that unlike enzymatic cleaners works immediately to reduce pet odor while it’s formula, a proprietary blend of cleaners, actually forms a shield around the stain while it breaks it down.

Fizzion Pet Odor and Stain Remove Highlights

  • Fizzion promotes the use of a reusable spray bottle to prevent landfill waste.
  • Non-toxic formula is safe for pets to sniff or lick.
  • Prevents pets from returning to the same spot to relieve themselves.
  • Easy dissolvable tablets mix up fresh every time you use it.
  • Formula lasts over one year at 100% potency after activation.
  • Can be used on most protein-based stains including red wine and chocolate.
  • Can be used on most fabrics and textiles.

For those of you trying to deal with a pet relieving itself in the same location, Fizzion has this handled.   Fizzion actually  eliminates the uric acid from urine that gets trapped in your carpet which creates the awful ammonia-like smell.

Ironically, pets are attracted to this smell which is why they often like to relieve themselves in the same place over and over again. Fizzion completely eliminates these uric acid crystals so that your pet will be less likely to return to the area that has been treated.